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January 19, 2008

CHSS-2 Seaking

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This CHSS-2 Seaking of the Royal Canadian Navy, was assigned to the HMCS Bonaventure in 1963. The Seakings are still flying in 2004! This is made from the Revell Germany 1/72 scale Seaking model (Kit #04427. It required some work to back-date to an early model Seaking.



Boeing-Vertol Ch-113 Labrador

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Boeing-Vertol Ch-113 Labrador, in 1/72 scale. This hard worker was assigned to the 442nd Search and Rescue Squadron in Comox, B.C. in 1975. The Labrador was replaced by the CH-149 Cormorant in the early 2000s. Model made from the Hobbycraft kit. Base is particleboard with polyurethane sea, while the crew were recruited from the US Army :). Thread used for the rope.


January 16, 2008

F-16 Fighting Falcon ADF 1/48 Scale

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General Dynamics F-16ADF in 1/48th scale, from the Revell Kit (#4774).
The markings are for the 178th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron/119th Fighter-Interceptor Group, North Dakota Air National Guard, the “Happy Hooligans“. This plane dates from the 1990s.


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