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March 29, 2008

USS Truman

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USS Harry S. Truman Nimitz class supercarrier of the USN (CVN-75). 1/720 scale Italeri Model (#528), with Gold-Medal model photoetch.

dscf0332.jpg dscf0331.jpg


Mustang III

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North American P-51 Mustang 1/72 scale Revell Kit (#4133). Model represents a Mustang III of the RAF, 316 Sq, (Polish) SZ-H. The Mustang III was similar to the US P-51B or C, this version having a “Malcolm Hood” or “Blown Canopy” to give the pilot better vision.


March 27, 2008

P-47N Thunderbolt

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The P-47 was the largest single-engine fighter of WWII. Stemming from a pre-war design, the XP-47, it was designed around a Pratt & Whitney R2800 double-wasp engine, which determined its dimensions. It was designed to be heavily armoured and had 8 0.50″ machine guns for offense. The current A-10 is named Thunderbolt II in homage to this plane.
This plane represents a pacific theatre plane from the 73rd Fighter Squadron, 318th Fighter Group, based in Le Shima, in July of 1945, The pilot was Lt. Bob. Redfield. 1/48 scale Revell Pro-Modeler, built OOB.


March 17, 2008

CT-133 Silver Star

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Canadair CT-133 Silver Star (Canadian version of the US T-33). The CT-133 entered service with the RCAF in 1959, and served until 2005. It served as flight trainer, communication, target towing and enemy simulation, and even as a flight demo aircraft (Red Knight).

This is a Hobbycraft (#1595) 1/48 scale version, with decals from Leading Edge. This plane (#504)  was the one flown by RCAF pilot Turbo Tarling when he flew his 6,000th hour in the T-33.


CF-105 Arrow

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Avro Arrow CF-105 Delta-wing interceptor aircraft, designed and built by Avro Aircraft Considered to be both an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry, the CF-105 held the promise of Mach 2 speeds at 50,000 ft+ altitude, and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force’s interceptor for the 1960s and beyond.

Following the start of its flight test program in 1958, the Arrow, and its accompanying Orenda Iroquois jet engine program, were abruptly cancelled in 1959, sparking a long and bitter political debate. The Arrow is still the subject of controversy, almost 50 years after it was cancelled.

This is the 1/48 scale Hobbycraft Kit.


March 12, 2008

IJN Akagi

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Imperial Japanese Navy Akagi. 1/700 scale Hasagawa kit (has 43210), with photoetch parts by Gold Medal Models (# 700-14)

The Akagi was the flagship of Admiral Naguno for the attack on Pearl Harbour. She was lost during the battle of Midway.

dscf0314.jpg dscf0315.jpg

T-6 Harvard

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 The Goldilocks team performed their aerobatic displays from 1962 to 1964. The team was formed of seven Harvards flown by instructor pilots performing a parody of the Golden Hawks’ aerobatic displays which the instructors purported was their view of how their students flew. The team was disbanded when the Harvard was replaced by the Tutor. This is the 1/48 Heller T-6 Texan (80434), with decals from Leading Edge (#4818). A piece of wire was used to represent the smoke pipe on the starboard side.


P-51D Mustang

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North American P-51D Mustang 402 (City of Winnipeg) Sq, RCAF, 1951. The Mustang is one of the world’s best known airplanes, and without a doubt, the best fighter of WWII. This is a post-war version, flown by the RCAF 402 auxiliary squadron. Very maneouvrable and with good range, it was also effective in the ground-attack role. It served until the auxilliary squadrons switched to transport in 1956. This is the 1/72 scale Italeri Kit,  #086, with decals from Arrow Graphics.


March 8, 2008

EF-101 Voodoo

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McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo, 414 Electronic Warfare Sq, North Bay, ON, 1985. 1/48 scale Monogram kit, Decals by Belcher Bits. The Electric Voodoo was a variant of the Canadian CF-101 Voodoo interceptor aircraft used for electronic jamming. This aircraft remained in Canadian service until 1987, when it was finally retired. The plane currently rests at the Minnesota Air Guard Museum


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