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November 18, 2008

CSS Alabama

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Revell# 05604 Confederate warship C.S.S. ALABAMA 1/96 scale
A ship of this size is a massive undertaking. 32″ long, 18″ tall, thousands of parts, and many feet of rigging.
This was actually my first tall ship, and it seems to have turned out fairly well. It took over a year to build, and now occupies a special place in the library.dsc002011Bottom is Copper (for anti-fouling), sails are moulded plastic, rigging is cross-stitch thread, kit includes steam engine fitting, stand and sailers as well.


November 17, 2008

Wright Flyer

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1:39 Scale Wright Flyer ‘First Powered Flight’

Revell: 85-5243

Stock Number: RMXS5243

December 17, 1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright made history over a century ago on the sands of Kitty Hawk, NC, when they successfuly flew the flying machine that they had built. With Orville at the controls, it was the first time man had flown in a powered aircraft.

Base is plywood with Poly-Filla sand dunes. Kit includes track, clear stand, figures and accessories. Thread needed for rigging.dsc00214

November 15, 2008

RCAF DC-3/C-47 Dakota

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RCAF DC-3/C-47 Dakota. Search & Rescue, Abbotsford, 1967. 1/72 scale AIrfix #05031. Kit is built OOB, airbrushed aluminum, white, grey and red paint.


Western Pacific 737-300

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1/144 scale Minicraft # 14446, Skyline Decals #144-35. Boeing 737-300 in Western Pacific “Colorado Springs” colours.

British Airways Hawker Siddeley Trident

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Airfix – Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C Scale: 1/144 #03174

The tail decals were damaged, so I hand painted the tail, using an air-brush and masking tape.

Hitman: Contracts

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Third-person sneak-em-up. You play as Agent 47, a shadowy hired hitman. On each level, you are required to kill several targets, or wreak other havoc. Stealth is the keyword, as you are to sneak in and out unnoticed. Getting 100% stealthy “Silent Assassin” rating unlocks weapon rewards. This is a more challenging puzzle than most games; it requires patience and thought, rather than reflexes to play. There are numerous methods of completing each level, cunning is required to finish.

Levels include England, several in Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Paris, an insane asylum, and a very disgusting level in a meat-packing plant. screenshot-12_11_2008-11_19_48-pm

Dornier DO217N-1 Night Fighter

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dsc00189Dornier DO217N-1 Night Fighter 1/72 scale, Italeri model# 125. Kit made out of box; went together very smoothly. no problems at all. The plane represents a night fighter from NJG 4, stationed in France, 1943. The DO-217 was designed as a bomber, but many, such as this one, were redesigned for the night-fighter role, hunting the RAF’s Lancasters. This version has DB-603 inline engines, and is armed with 4 machine-guns and 4 cannon in the nose.


November 14, 2008

Rose Jewelry Box

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dsc00197Rose form jewelry box, made of Imbuia hardwood. The wood was generously donated to me and hand carried to Canada from Brazil, by my good friend Mike Plante.

dsc001981Box measures 8x6x3″ tall and is finished with Oil Varnish. The top is an intarsia cut rose petal, stem and leaf design.

dsc00196Imbuia is VERY dense and difficult to work, I must have gone through 4 scroll saw blades during the project; power sanding is a must as well.  The wood has tremendous figure, and is definitely worth the effort.

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