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This is the weblog of Sooska, from the #mikemouse channel on Undernet, on IRC. I live in ON, Canada and am interested in Aviation, History and Computers.

When not online, I am learning HTML/PHP and Linux, making things out of wood, collecting diecast airliners off eBay, reading books on military history, playing video games or making model aircraft.

Copy the address below to contact me: says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!
I got a 44 on the Asperger’s test…what about you?


What political ideology do you have?

Your Result: Democratic Socialist

You are the standard European socialist who believes that the government should spend large amounts of money on social welfare programs. You also believe that these social welfare programs are mandated by the people who vote in your ideal democratic government

Authoritarian Capitalist
What political ideology do you have?
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