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November 18, 2008

CSS Alabama

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Revell# 05604 Confederate warship C.S.S. ALABAMA 1/96 scale
A ship of this size is a massive undertaking. 32″ long, 18″ tall, thousands of parts, and many feet of rigging.
This was actually my first tall ship, and it seems to have turned out fairly well. It took over a year to build, and now occupies a special place in the library.dsc002011Bottom is Copper (for anti-fouling), sails are moulded plastic, rigging is cross-stitch thread, kit includes steam engine fitting, stand and sailers as well.


March 29, 2008

USS Truman

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USS Harry S. Truman Nimitz class supercarrier of the USN (CVN-75). 1/720 scale Italeri Model (#528), with Gold-Medal model photoetch.

dscf0332.jpg dscf0331.jpg

March 12, 2008

IJN Akagi

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Imperial Japanese Navy Akagi. 1/700 scale Hasagawa kit (has 43210), with photoetch parts by Gold Medal Models (# 700-14)

The Akagi was the flagship of Admiral Naguno for the attack on Pearl Harbour. She was lost during the battle of Midway.

dscf0314.jpg dscf0315.jpg

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